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Save time and know what you can afford

The Importance of Pre-Approval in Home Shopping

Obtaining a mortgage pre-approval before house hunting is crucial. It not only defines your budget, making your search more efficient, but also enhances your credibility with sellers. This step speeds up the mortgage process and allows you to address financial issues beforehand, simplifying your journey to homeownership.

Minimum documents you need for a pre-approval

2 years W2s / 1099s

  • 2 most recent years W2s and/or 1099s (as applicable)

2 years Tax Returns

  • 2 most current years personal tax returns

  • Delayed financing - OK

2 most recent months asset statements

Assets to provide proof of funds. Additional reserves show strength.

Assets may include:

  • Checking account

  • Savings account

  • 401k

  • IRA

  • Stocks

  • Money Market Accounts

  • Cash Management Accounts

  • Certificate of Deposit (CDs)

  • Treasury Bills

  • Mutual Funds

  • Government and Corporate Bonds

  • Brokerage Accounts

  • Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

  • Cryptocurrency

1 months paystub

  • If you are paid weekly = 4x paystubs

  • If you are paid every other week = 2x paystubs

  • If you are paid monthly = 1x paystubs

Copy of valid identification

  • Driver License

  • State ID Card

  • US Passport

  • US Passport Card

  • Military ID

  • Permanent Resident Card (Green Card)

  • Employment Authorized Document (EAD)


  • An application will be required to provide proof of employment history, income, and residence.

You will be able to upload all the documents in the same application link.

Click on the link below to start!

Additional Documents if:

You Own Property

  • Most current mortgage statement for all properties

  • Copy of homeowners insurance

  • If property is paid off, documentation stating that the lien or trust deed on your property has been released

Are a Business Owner

  • YTD P&L statement (preferably certified by CPA)

  • 2 years business tax returns

  • 2 months business bank statement

You Are Divorced

  • We may need your divorce decree.


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