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What are ADUs?

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are innovative, versatile housing solutions that offer homeowners a unique way to maximize their property's potential. Often known as granny flats, in-law units, or backyard cottages, ADUs are independent living spaces located on the same grounds as a primary residence. They can be designed as detached structures, attached extensions, or conversions of existing spaces like garages. Perfect for generating rental income, housing extended family, or creating a home office, ADUs are a smart investment that can enhance property value, provide financial flexibility, and contribute positively to the local housing landscape. Explore the possibilities with ADUs and transform your property into a space of greater utility and value.

Here's Our List of Potential Benefits of having an ADU:

1. Additional Income Stream

  • Renting out an ADU can provide a significant source of PASSIVE income

2. Increased Property Value

  • Properties with ADUs often having higher market values.

3. Affordable Housing Solution

  • ADUs can offer more affordable rental options in high-cost areas.

4. Multigenerational Living

  • ADUs are ideal for housing aging parents or adult children, keeping families close while maintaining privacy.

5. Flexible Living Space

  • Theycan serve as guest houses, home offices, studios, or spaces for hobbies and crafts.

6. Potential for Retirement Income

  • Homeowners can downsize into their ADU while renting out their main house in retirement.

7. Leverage for Loans or Mortgages

  • Increase property value and/or projected rental income from an ADU can enhance borrowing power for homeowners.

8. Potential Airbnb / Short-Term Rental (STR)

  • ADUs can be used as short-term rentals in areas with tourism, providing extra income.

  • Please check with city laws about requirements.

ADUs are a practical and beneficial addition for many homeowners, offering a unique combination of financial, social, and environmental advantages.

9. Tax Benefits

  • Some jurisdictions offer tax incentives for ADU construction.

10. Enhanced Property Appeal

  • A well-designed ADU can improve the overall aesthetics and functionality of a property.

11. Sustainability

  • Opportunities to incorporate eco-friendly designs and technologies.

12. Customization to Suit Needs

  • Can be tailored to specific needs, unlike standard housing options.

13. Reduced Housing Costs for Occupants

  • Can provide more affordable living options for residents or family members.

14. Promotes Local Economies

  • Construction and ongoing maintenance of ADUs support local businesses and contractors.

15. Future Flexibility

  • Can adapt to changing family needs over time, from a young family's childcare needs to an older couple's downsizing plans.

16. Privacy for Occupants

  • Offers more privacy and independence than shared living arrangements in the main house.

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