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At Apache Mortgage, we understand the power of collaboration in the real estate world. That's why we're dedicated to building strong partnerships with realtors like you. Our goal is simple: to help more families embark on their journey to homeownership and generational wealth.

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  • Free Social Media Content: We provide engaging, informative mortgage-related content for your Facebook and Instagram. This not only enhances your online presence but also educates and inspires your followers. (Image + text)

  • Expert Mortgage Insights: Our team brings extensive knowledge in mortgage lending, offering you and your clients valuable insights and support through every step of the buying process.

  • Joint Marketing Efforts: By collaborating, we amplify our reach, connecting more potential homebuyers with the perfect properties and financing options.

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Your expertise in real estate, combined with our mortgage acumen, creates a powerful synergy. We're not just helping people buy houses; we're helping them create homes and build lasting wealth.

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Become a part of a community that's dedicated to excellence in real estate. Let's work together to empower more families in their home-buying journey. With our partnership, you gain a valuable ally in the industry, and your clients gain the confidence and support they need to make one of the most important decisions of their lives.

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I'm David Tran, the mind behind Apache Mortgage inspired by my time with Apache Helicopters during my service as an enlisted soldier (2010-2014). After a medical discharge due to a spinal injury, I pursued my passion for business, earning a Bachelor's degree from Austin Peay State University in 2015 and an MBA from Belmont University in 2016.

My entrepreneurial path began out of necessity and ambition. Despite early setbacks with a few startups, I remained focused on making a meaningful living in Orange County.

My real estate journey started during my MBA, where I interned with a builder, honing financial skills. Post-return to California, I obtained my real estate license in 2017. Initially, I explored the burgeoning green industry, but the 2020 pandemic prompted a shift in my career.

Seizing the opportunity presented by dropping interest rates, I studied for my MLO license and began working as a Loan Officer. Opting for the broker path, I aimed to broaden my expertise to assist numerous families in real estate. This choice led me to work with clients often overlooked by others, leveraging my education and determination to aid them.

Today, my greatest satisfaction comes from applying my business acumen and problem-solving skills to help families navigate their finances and achieve home ownership.

A Little More About David

Hobbies & Interests

  • Sports Enthusiast

    • Basketball fan (Kobe fan)

    • Plays pick-up basketball occasionally

    • Avid golfer

  • Musical Interests

    • Plays piano

    • Former piano teacher

  • Entrepreneurial Pursuits

    • Enjoys Entrepreneurship

    • Has "Shiny Object Syndrome"

    • Learner/Student Mindset

  • Personal Passions

    • Dog/animal lover

    • Interest in puzzles or difficult tasks

  • Leisure Activities:

    • Coffee enthusiast

    • Family activities and time


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