What Type of Investor Are You?

We are happy to connect with you and understand your investment style. With various investment options available, tailored to different levels of risk tolerance, we can find the right fit for your financial goals.

Cash Buyer / House Flipper

A cash buyer or house flipper is an individual or entity who purchases real estate properties outright with cash, without the need for mortgage financing. This approach offers a significant advantage in real estate transactions, allowing for quicker closings, fewer contingencies, and often a more appealing offer to sellers. Cash buyers typically target properties that they can buy at a lower price, often homes that may need repairs or renovation. After purchasing, they renovate these properties with the aim to sell (or 'flip') them for a profit. This investment strategy requires a good understanding of the real estate market, renovation costs, and the potential return on investment. House flippers often play a vital role in revitalizing properties and neighborhoods, turning undervalued homes into desirable real estate.

Passive Investor / Park My Money

A passive investor looking to park their money in a pool or fund typically seeks a hands-off investment approach. These investors are interested in opportunities where they can contribute financially, but leave the management and decision-making to experienced professionals. Often, they invest in mutual funds, index funds, real estate investment trusts (REITs), or other pooled investment vehicles. This strategy is attractive for those who prefer to avoid the day-to-day complexities of active investment management. It allows them to benefit from market participation while minimizing the time and effort required to manage their investments. Such investors prioritize long-term growth or income generation, often with a lower risk profile, relying on the expertise of fund managers to navigate the markets and make strategic investment decisions.

Private Money Lender

A private money lender is an individual or entity that provides loans, typically secured by real estate, outside of traditional banking institutions. These lenders offer an alternative source of financing, often used for real estate transactions that may not qualify for traditional loans due to various reasons like the borrower's creditworthiness, the nature of the property, or the need for rapid funding. Private money loans are known for their speed and flexibility in terms of agreement terms, which can be tailored to suit the specific needs of both the lender and borrower.

Private money lenders often focus on the potential value of the property being used as collateral rather than the borrower's credit history, making them a popular choice for real estate investors, house flippers, and developers. Interest rates from these lenders can be higher than traditional loans, reflecting the increased risk and shorter loan duration. Private money lending is a crucial component of the real estate investment market, providing a vital funding source for projects that might not otherwise get financed.

New Investor / Learning

A new investor, still in the learning phase, is someone who has recently entered the world of investing and is in the process of acquiring knowledge and understanding of various investment vehicles and strategies. Typically characterized by a cautious approach, they may start with smaller investments as they familiarize themselves with the market dynamics. This type of investor often spends time researching, attending seminars, or consulting with financial advisors to build a solid foundation in investment principles. They might initially focus on low-risk investment options like savings accounts, mutual funds, or bonds, gradually progressing to more complex investments such as stocks, real estate, or alternative assets. The learning phase is crucial as it shapes their investment philosophy, risk tolerance, and long-term financial goals. During this period, they develop the skills and confidence needed to make more informed and strategic investment decisions in the future.


There's a wide array of investor types beyond those mentioned here. We encourage you to let us know your investment style so we can include you in our network. This way, we can notify you about suitable opportunities as they arise.

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