FHA Streamline

Guidelines for FHA Streamline Refinance Program

To qualify for an FHA Streamline refinance, consider these key requirements:


  • Only available for current FHA-insured mortgage holders.

  • Cannot be used to refinance conventional or other non-FHA loans.

  • Possible for converted second homes or investment properties with existing FHA loans, subject to equity requirements.

Net Tangible Benefits:

  • The refinance should offer a clear advantage per FHA guidelines.

  • For reduced loan terms, the new rate must be equal to or lower than the current rate, and the new payment (including insurance) should not exceed the old payment by more than $50/month.

  • Specific criteria apply for changes in interest rates and insurance premiums based on your loan details.


  • Minimum of six mortgage payments made on your current FHA loan.

  • Six full months must have passed since the first mortgage payment's due date.

  • At least 210 days required since the closing date of the mortgage being refinanced.

Payment History:

  • No more than one payment over 30 days late in the past 12 months.

  • All payments in the past six months must be on time.

Required Documents:

While minimal, you might need your current mortgage statement, FHA mortgage note, final settlement statement, homeowners insurance agent contact, employment verification, and recent bank statements.

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Refinancing with an FHA Streamline can be a smart move if you’re current with your FHA loan and meet the program's criteria. This process can be quicker, potentially bypassing the need for an appraisal or income verification, making refinancing more accessible.

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